Miss Young Professional

A road map to help navigate the business world for young women in professional careers (U.S. focused)


A little about me: I am a semi-recent college graduate (2012) working in a professional environment in Southern California. Moving from college to career often turns your life and routines upside down, and my situation was no exception. Dress code was especially hard for me to figure out, as I never had any interest in style, makeup etc. growing up. 

Due to my (initial) cluelessness on how to dress and accessorize in various professional settings, my current focus for myself and what prompted me to start this blog is the general topic of business outfits and personal appearance. Other topics to follow in the future. 

Since I’m non-stop busy with work and life demands, I’ve gotten to the point where I buy almost everything online. I shop almost exclusively on Amazon, and I do a lot of research within the site before buying a product. This site aims to share my own personal review of the professional oriented products I buy (the good and the bad), and it includes direct links where the items can be purchased. The product reviews and Amazon links can be found under the “Products Review” tab. 

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